Honoring Holodomor Victims

Every year in April, Ukrainians worldwide traditionally remember the dead with special memorial ceremonies held the week after Easter, and the victims of the Holodomor are specifically remembered. The Holodomor was one of the biggest tragedies in Ukrainian history when around 6 mln Ukrainians died from manmade hunger, caused by The Soviets in 1932-1933. It is one of nine global genocides recognized by the USA and 25 other countries.

This year we USAwithUkraine with the massive support of The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming, Ohio arranged a remembering day to spread Ukrainian culture and history, to read and discuss the excellent book β€œThe memory keeper of Kyiv” by Erin Litteken about those horrible events 90 years ago, and to honor all who died in Holodomor and in this cruel war.