Support Ukrainian rescuers in saving lives!
Give a hand to Ukrainian Firefighters and First Responders!

Since Feb 24th Ukraine is going through the toughest, most dramatic times in its history. No one could have believed that this war is possible in 21 century. Unprovoked attack from the neighbor country. But the cruelest war in modern world history is happening now in Ukraine. The people who face the consequences of every rocket attack and bomb shelling first, Ukrainian Firefighters and First Responders need our help.

Ukrainian Firefighters and First Responders are true superheroes. Even in a peaceful time, these guys are able to do everything, from getting an old lady's cat from the tree top to firefighting. Now, when there is a war in the country, there is much more on their shoulders.

Every day these strong-willed people keep clearing the rubble after bombshells, trying to find and rescue those who were lucky to survive, giving them first aid, and rescuing their lives. Every day they put down fires, and deal with fragments of detonated rockets and the most dangerous undetonated ones.

This all in conditions of constant lack of supplies, medicine, and protective clothing. Saving lives is their daily job, no matter how far from the line of fire the specific USES department is located because war is everywhere in Ukraine.

How to Help?

Ukrainian Firefighters and First Responders need help, they need our help and support with supplies, medicine, and protective clothing. You can follow the link to our Amazon Wish List and your donation will be delivered to our office. If you want to donate for purchase of supplies our GoFundMe page. Thank you for your support!

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